GaryLaowai & Friends Live

GaryLaowai & Friends Live

GaryLaowai is building bridges between west and east, between western way of composition and arrangements on one hand and Chinese lyrics on the other. And there’s English lyrics telling stories from Far East, too.
The outcome is a very special, astonishing musical journey.

After a couple of years not having performed in public he got the chance to play a concert in a wonderful location, an old “Spiegelzelt“, a moving vaudeville theater, that has seen many decades of different performances of all kind in many different locations.
What an opportunity for a magic moment! So he formed a band with old friends, musicians he’d like to play with to reinvent and widen his Chinese program – songs he wrote during his stay in China 1990 '91 - and more.

English translations of the Mandarin lyrics one can find in the digital booklet included with the download of the album.
Check it out!

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Download CD (All Tracks) €12.00
Si Nian (7.72 MB) €1.20
Niu (5.30 MB) €1.20
Kua Fu Zhui Ri (5.30 MB) €1.20
Shamo (7.36 MB) €1.20
I'm Turning (8.16 MB) €1.20
Hei Ye (8.24 MB) €1.20
Renmin Nan Lu (13.57 MB) €1.20
Nothing To My Name (7.44 MB) €1.20
Huai Ren (5.45 MB) €1.20
Meng Zhongde Lu (7.36 MB) €1.20
The River And Me (7.53 MB) €1.20
Laowai (11.53 MB) €1.20
Zai Jian Xia Tian (9.05 MB) €1.20
Gaobie (6.36 MB) €1.20

GaryLaowai alias Gerhard Staudinger – voc, ac-guit
Kaspar Singer – violoncello, b-voc
Gerhard Hacker – saxes, clarinet, b-voc
Carlie Ecke – guitars, b-voc
Mark Maier – bass
Kurt Wackernell – drums

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